Nakano Broadway, Chinese Daimon's Gomoku Soba

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Nakano Broadway underground first floor of the Chinese Daimon, ate Gomoku Soba(Ramen).Gomoku Soba is the ramen of vegetables with plenty of salty taste.

Not a dessert, such as ice cream, but you might come is better to be surprised to be eaten is these lunch, you can eat a variety of gourmet in Nakano Broadway.

That said, Daimon is also a special. Leaving the atmosphere of the Showa era, it is a shop of only counter seats. Full of the time, wait a round chairs are lined up in two rows. It is such a shop.

Nakano Broadway, Chinese Daimon's Gomoku Soba

Gomoku Soba was a very beautiful ramen. The color of the ingredients, such as vegetables has come clean. Soup is clear, here is also beautiful.

The taste is as such appearance, was friendly thing. And sweet at the back of the soup of the saltiness, sweetness of the vegetables together, it is looking better natural sweetness. Gomoku to say that buckwheat, xi was plenty. Leeks, onions, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, radish sprouts, bamboo shoots, boiled fish paste, such as such as barbecued pork. And egg containing the decoration kitchen knife, was plus one time.

Not added together anything, ate as it is delicious.

Shop information:Nakano Broadway B1 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-4565,11:00-19:00

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