Nakano Station North, there was a Kuroda Noodle Shop

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When I walk the Nakano Station North, I found the ramen shop sign unfamiliar. Noodle shop,Kuroda. Certainly here, I think that there has been another ramen shop, but it seems to shops has changed.

Nakano Station North, there was a Kuroda Noodle Shop

Was examined, noodle Kuroda was the shop of Hakata ramen. The Nakano Sun Mall Hakata-style Fu-Ryu, but it is that there is a further specialty store. This shop, head office is after here Nakano and Nakanoshinbashi Nerima, after had a deployment overseas.

When I further investigated on the Internet, it was person there has been introduced in the blog in February this year. Notice what does not. The location is close to the Okajoki.

Shop information:5‐60-14 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-8168

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