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Nakano Zingaro Alley appeared in Nakano Broadway

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To 4F Nakano Broadway, it had been able to strange corner. Likely to come out in the movie "Always 3-chome sunset", it is a landscape of Showa.

And it is lined with red lanterns you will see the character of the "tavern". On the other side of the glass door there is a public bath, there is a sign in front. It seems the shop, such as snacks have been introduced.

Nakano Zingaro Alley appeared in Nakano Broadway

When you have to try entering the more back, the entrance was closed. Apparently, it does not put only only parties. Speaking of Zingaro, it is in the Nakano Broadway, but is a gallery Kaikai Kiki is operated, its related that to you do?

Nakano ramen street, there was a Temta, of Tenpuraya Shop.

This shop is, early in the morning was another shop. And pass by early in the morning, it had a ramen shop. Moreover, it had to appeal to the person who consumed alcohol. Such as ramen of freshwater clam, it had issued a ramen featuring shellfish.

But the shop was relocated. After that, what happened. I was in the mood, but have the opportunity to pass through the front of the shop in the morning, I tried to check.

The shop, had a business in the same way as before.

provide the ramen from the morning

Menu is the street in front, freshwater clam ramen.Morning error to eat in Nakano, I want to eat to find the opportunity.

Sakana no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

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In shops that "Sakana no Medama",meaning highlight of the fish, ate lunch. It is boiled of swordfish. There is no in the image, but the miso soup to rice, a small bowl and pickles come with.

We should take a compare things and photos. Fillet is large. Smell, bone without any, easy to eat. Then, in boiled juice and soy sauce which was effective ginger, and with a rich taste. Fit to white rice. You can also see from being likened to the boiled pork.

Sakana  no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

This shop is boiled fish, grilled fish, and shop delicious lunch is served in the sashimi of fish. But there is commitment, grilled fish is that of the take about 10 minutes from the order. When you want to eat the grilled fish is careful in the remaining time of the lunch time.

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30

Ramen Saika, cash back campaign

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Located in Nakano ramen Street, ramen Ayaka was doing a cash back campaign. It was a guide in the shop of the flyer. It is, in the order of Abura Soba, is what that cash back to 50 yen. Of course, it is time-limited.

Ramen Saika, cash back campaign

Specifically, until July 20, when the order of Abura Soba, was that us to cash back to 50 yen. During the period, is that of the many times OK.

Procedure of cash back, but I do not know, it is a large service. And, Abura Soba. The place to launch the campaign to the menu seems to be new, I feel the intention of the shop.

Shop information:5-55-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-2561,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,Closed Monday

Ramen Kaeru's Sio Ramen

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Ramen Kaeru is a Nakano Station North of ramen shops. Famous, is a Ramen Jiro inspired shop. We ate ramen at Ramen Kaeru. Ate at this time, is none topped with salt ramen. To order the salt ramen is a long time.

We taste of the street named salt ramen. Feel a little spicy and sweetness of salt, it is a friendly ramen. Kaeru of ramen, and the soup is basically a punch of pig bone soy sauce, noodles with eating response is characterized. But, when it comes to salt-based soup, Do I taste is gently so far, it has become a well understood full that.

Ramen  Kaeru's Sio Ramen

Onion and vegetables, also can pursue the taste of favorite variety of toppings such as butter and garlic, but is attractive of Kaeru, punch and enough also the standard. Sprinkle with red pepper, also is a delicious change impression.

In the Internet, but it is Kaeru that to have been introduced have all the menu of ramen with volume, can recommend as the introduction, it was easy to eat ramen.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano City,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

Nakano Broadway, Kumamoto earthquake fundraiser

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Nakano Broadway, donation box had been installed. Kumamon is of donation boxes. The walls are affixed to the castle CG. Of course, it is the Kumamoto Castle.

Nakano Broadway, Kumamoto earthquake fundraiser

According to the description of the donation boxes, Nakano Broadway is planning an event in Kumamoto Prefecture and a one-year, that of the kumamon also many times came to play. From that relationship, it seems to have launched a fund-raising.

Kumamoto Castle depicted in the CG is not now. But, a small amount of money it sent ties with a variety of your good intentions, we pray to be a step in the reconstruction.

Go Chome Niboshi(anchovy) is a ramen shop there is a noodle or oil buckwheat. The store had to appeal to the menu in the shop. MAZE is CURRY.

This menu is, it seems there is no soup in oil buckwheat style. The eye-catching, the colorful and cut large vegetables us. And a seasoning seen with curry, is a yolk that is on it.

Go choume Niboshi,Ramen shop,offers Limited curry ramen menu

I do not know details, but the menu there is a notice here is often a limited time. I think I want to come to eat as soon as possible.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7422,11:00-15:00 ,18:00-24:00

Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

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Nakano Sun Mall, had been able to new shop. Niconico curry is. Location was the second floor of Hakata ramen shop. 2 store, image color is the same.

Niconico curry, as is the Nakano Sun Mall store to sign, it is this second store is near. Another, located along Waseda street.


Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

Smiling curry, it is a shop that is run by people overseas. But, curry, which is guided by the menu photo is the curry rice. There is no Nunn. And the type of curry is not a Lou, it has been differentiated with topping. It also, such as fried chicken or cutlet, just some of the familiar to the Japanese.

It is a shop that such curry and rice to eat.


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