Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

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Nakano Sun Mall, had been able to new shop. Niconico curry is. Location was the second floor of Hakata ramen shop. 2 store, image color is the same.

Niconico curry, as is the Nakano Sun Mall store to sign, it is this second store is near. Another, located along Waseda street.


Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

Smiling curry, it is a shop that is run by people overseas. But, curry, which is guided by the menu photo is the curry rice. There is no Nunn. And the type of curry is not a Lou, it has been differentiated with topping. It also, such as fried chicken or cutlet, just some of the familiar to the Japanese.

It is a shop that such curry and rice to eat.

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