Sakana no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

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In shops that "Sakana no Medama",meaning highlight of the fish, ate lunch. It is boiled of swordfish. There is no in the image, but the miso soup to rice, a small bowl and pickles come with.

We should take a compare things and photos. Fillet is large. Smell, bone without any, easy to eat. Then, in boiled juice and soy sauce which was effective ginger, and with a rich taste. Fit to white rice. You can also see from being likened to the boiled pork.

Sakana  no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

This shop is boiled fish, grilled fish, and shop delicious lunch is served in the sashimi of fish. But there is commitment, grilled fish is that of the take about 10 minutes from the order. When you want to eat the grilled fish is careful in the remaining time of the lunch time.

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30

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