Shops to provide the ramen from the morning, was the same also in the relocation destination

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Nakano ramen street, there was a Temta, of Tenpuraya Shop.

This shop is, early in the morning was another shop. And pass by early in the morning, it had a ramen shop. Moreover, it had to appeal to the person who consumed alcohol. Such as ramen of freshwater clam, it had issued a ramen featuring shellfish.

But the shop was relocated. After that, what happened. I was in the mood, but have the opportunity to pass through the front of the shop in the morning, I tried to check.

The shop, had a business in the same way as before.

provide the ramen from the morning

Menu is the street in front, freshwater clam ramen.Morning error to eat in Nakano, I want to eat to find the opportunity.

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