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Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

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I went to the tavern, Teke Teke Nakano shop. So, we ate a special meal hamburg steak. Hamburg steak is the lunch menu. Teke Teke is, Nakano Station North, turn to the right at the bakery called Bonjour Bonn in about the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, is the tavern's in a short walk.

And the order, came out dishes in pretty early. . The dishes are lined lot in the tray, such as a small bowl. Soot in hamburg steak is be honest, I felt a little small size.

Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

As of the image, it is a fresh can. Make a sizzle and a sound and smoke, it whets the appetite. Water vapor has spread.

I try to eat. Meal condition is exquisite, I do not feel the ground meat, there is a presence of meat. Ground without, such as finely cut with a kitchen knife, is texture.

I was surprised to what had been served. If you think broccoli and white broccoli, white person was the mashed potatoes. Other small bowl well enough, we can also have the impression that ate the meat. I wonder to where the first impression. Volume is also satisfied.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-6983,11:30-14:00(Lunch,Weekday),17:00-23:30

Boko? Italian lunch shop?

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There are a variety of dining options to JR Nakano Station North. Nakano Take the San mall arcade, to the right the street that will appear Bonjour Bonn and the liquor store's bakery is. And there is immediately the shop, such as a bar on the left side.

This shop, or doing lunch every time you pass by, or have closed the pass by when certain. This day was doing lunch. The same thing seems to have needed a person who was thought to, everyone of the group had been walking in front was also to talk with "Today here are open."

イタリアン&ワインバー CONA 中野店

The name of the shop is difficult. It could not be read.

If you look on the Internet, this shop seems that CONA. Italian and wine bar of the shop, things that also do lunch. Weekday lunch seems to Thursday from Monday.

When I look at the pictures, like the menu there is a pasta and Asian plate lunch. I want to go to find the opportunity.

Shop information:5-58-5 Nakano Nakano Ward

Chinese Ichibankan, renovation

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Chinese restaurant's Nakano Sun Mall arcade,Ichiban-Kan was under renovation. Have closed from the front a little bit, but I felt like that was the construction work, was Yes to the poster After this day pass by. Is that the renovation of the guidance.

In the power-up construction, renewal open is that of from July 6.

Chinese Ichibankan, renovation

It should be noted that if a Google map, you may come out image of Nakano street, but this shop is located in the arcade.

Shop information:5-65-11 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo ,03-5942-5798,Open 、24H

RYOMA head office of the wall, was troubled

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Noodle shop RYOMA is near the Seibu Shinjuku Line Araiyakushimae station. Through the front of the ramen shop RYOMA. Delicious and famous ramen shop. The feature to shop the anchovy, has been put out to JR Nakano Station.

In such well-known, it seems there is also a problem with the delicious reputation and a noodle shop. Shop wall, it was a confession.

RYOMA head office of the wall, was troubled

Is that of to be renovated life.

Whether the clerk has been renovated life. Or already have improved menus has become popular. I do not know details, but someone, it is certain that something is at a crossroads. I want to watch.

Shop information:3-19-6 Kamitakada Nakano Ward Tokyo,11:30-25:00,11:30-23:00(Sun&Holiyday),Open everyday

The opposite side of the Aoba famous ramen shop. In the place where there was a previous tempura shops, new shops had emerged. Menshou Kurosuke. There is a thick chicken plain hot water in the lantern.

I noticed. In the immediate vicinity, recently is not constantly is a matrix to lunch time, there is no opportunity to eat very much, there is a Menshou Yosuke. There is also a shop that singing a thick chicken plain hot water.

New shop in Nakano ramen Street, Menshou Kuroyousuke

Later passed through the previous again shops. It was confirmed at that time. Yosuke is a sister store. Concept was unlike Yosuke, that of the issuing a chicken plain hot water ramen in a different menu. This is also likely to be popular.

★Of sister shop, shop information of Menshou Yosuke. Introduce the shops, in this near:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7799,11:30-22:00,Wednesday regular holiday

Nakano Broadway third floor, Haruya bookstore is, had picked up the woman of the shortcut. Shortcut woman that belongs to idol group. And "It is also a short but long good", are written. Of staff who wrote this, it is a poster that straightforward feelings are out.

If a woman of the shortcut is anxious, but do not know how long, I think that should be going to this fair. It No. 11 passage is so.

Haruya Bookstore, shortcut of women, photo book fair

I thought like, I have noticed towards the top right.

I thought like, I have noticed towards the top right.Not at all wrong. And it is listed in the people of various idle. In that sense, not wrong.

Of serious Haruyashoten, surprising surface was observed.

Or reverberation will look like. I'm looking forward.

Shop information:Nakano Broadway 3F Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30


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