Boko? Italian lunch shop?

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There are a variety of dining options to JR Nakano Station North. Nakano Take the San mall arcade, to the right the street that will appear Bonjour Bonn and the liquor store's bakery is. And there is immediately the shop, such as a bar on the left side.

This shop, or doing lunch every time you pass by, or have closed the pass by when certain. This day was doing lunch. The same thing seems to have needed a person who was thought to, everyone of the group had been walking in front was also to talk with "Today here are open."

イタリアン&ワインバー CONA 中野店

The name of the shop is difficult. It could not be read.

If you look on the Internet, this shop seems that CONA. Italian and wine bar of the shop, things that also do lunch. Weekday lunch seems to Thursday from Monday.

When I look at the pictures, like the menu there is a pasta and Asian plate lunch. I want to go to find the opportunity.

Shop information:5-58-5 Nakano Nakano Ward

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