New shop in Nakano ramen Street, Menshou Kuroyousuke

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The opposite side of the Aoba famous ramen shop. In the place where there was a previous tempura shops, new shops had emerged. Menshou Kurosuke. There is a thick chicken plain hot water in the lantern.

I noticed. In the immediate vicinity, recently is not constantly is a matrix to lunch time, there is no opportunity to eat very much, there is a Menshou Yosuke. There is also a shop that singing a thick chicken plain hot water.

New shop in Nakano ramen Street, Menshou Kuroyousuke

Later passed through the previous again shops. It was confirmed at that time. Yosuke is a sister store. Concept was unlike Yosuke, that of the issuing a chicken plain hot water ramen in a different menu. This is also likely to be popular.

★Of sister shop, shop information of Menshou Yosuke. Introduce the shops, in this near:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7799,11:30-22:00,Wednesday regular holiday

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