Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

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I went to the tavern, Teke Teke Nakano shop. So, we ate a special meal hamburg steak. Hamburg steak is the lunch menu. Teke Teke is, Nakano Station North, turn to the right at the bakery called Bonjour Bonn in about the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, is the tavern's in a short walk.

And the order, came out dishes in pretty early. . The dishes are lined lot in the tray, such as a small bowl. Soot in hamburg steak is be honest, I felt a little small size.

Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

As of the image, it is a fresh can. Make a sizzle and a sound and smoke, it whets the appetite. Water vapor has spread.

I try to eat. Meal condition is exquisite, I do not feel the ground meat, there is a presence of meat. Ground without, such as finely cut with a kitchen knife, is texture.

I was surprised to what had been served. If you think broccoli and white broccoli, white person was the mashed potatoes. Other small bowl well enough, we can also have the impression that ate the meat. I wonder to where the first impression. Volume is also satisfied.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-6983,11:30-14:00(Lunch,Weekday),17:00-23:30

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