Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

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Has been carried out every year, we went to the beer buffet of Nakano Sun Plaza.

The best feature is that it is not in the beer garden. In other words, the indoor. So no matter how high the temperature is, and try to encounter a sudden guerrilla heavy rain, it does not matter. Cooling is worked, you can enjoy a buffet in the hall that night view spreads to the outside of the window.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

The dishes compromise between East and West, there are many things. Style to bring as much as you like what you want to eat on their own. Sushi and tempura, roast beef, etc. chef you or me to isolate or cooked on the spot. Drinks are good also ask to Boy, is good also to go to take on their own.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

Popular roast beef, which takes you over the source to isolate the chef in front of the eye. And the taste of rich meat taste and source of, there is a volume than it looks, is a dish to satisfy.

Tempura is a thing of fried, is a style that slop on their own. Appearance of the Ready-To-Eat is wrong, please pardon. Because it is fried, piping hot, is crispy.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

Also it soba there. And doing other person, it was to imitate so was impressed by the way. It is tempura buckwheat(Soba) .

Other sashimi from the hors d'oeuvres as well, there are a variety of dishes to coffee until cake. Of course, it is the all-you-can also drink drink. While drinking a beer, such as tilt the red wine, drink as you like, you can eat.

Nakano Sun Plaza, summer beer buffet 2016

This summer beer buffet 2016 is that of the up to September 9 (Friday).

Shop information:4-1-1 Nakano Naknao Ward TokyoWebsite of Nakano Sunplaza

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