NOODLE DINING Nue was providing limited menu

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We ate lunch at NOODLE DINING Nue (nue). This shop of ramen, a delicious chicken soup plain hot water. It is a shop that let's go with the request comes from the staff. Location, where he further advanced the famous Chinese Sobat Aoba, is where a little-known spot basis.

Also at this time, it was out of the shop to the satisfaction to the taste. At that time, I noticed that pop in the door are stuck. There is a limited menu.

Nue is, the same as a lot of ramen shop in Nakano, the shop has to offer ramen of attention by limiting the menu. Normal menu, noodles, noodle, Tsukemen,Abura soba, which are 3 menus. Of course I also delicious them, but if know if there is a limited menu, is what I want to eat by all means.

NOODLE DINING Nue was providing limited menu

However, there was a regrettable announcement. This limited menu, that of a full August. In other words, it was until today. I was appalled at all. If you know before you eat at the very least. I'm Sad.

Even so, I did not know that Nue has issued a limited menu. Before now entering the shop, whether pop in front of the door is stuck, you need to note.

More recently, I feel that there is such a thing.

Shop information:5-36-14 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,Closed Monday

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