Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

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We ate lunch in Ajiwai-ya.

This time, was to cool badger buckwheat set meal. The main soba, is a set meal, which has an Shirasu Tuna bowl.

Badger buckwheat was the menu that do not know. Was examined, was a buckwheat that deep-fried tofu and "Tenkasu" has appeared.

Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

Buckwheat, as in the name of the menu, cold. Soup, strong sweetness. Your fried is also sweet. And, soup is cold. It had become the name of the street menu "chilled". Will making the taste in darker according to the temperature. With cold, I feel the sweetness. It has changed that Naruto is on.

Bowl is whitebait was the larger. Tuna, as can be seen from the appearance, it has fat riding. Shirasu is bland, the tuna had a width of To chunky and horse mackerel. Rice, probably I think that it is vinegared rice pale. Shirasu had become acceleration of much does not interfere with the taste of.

Ajiwai-ya, but is the tavern's, is a shop that several types of Japanese food is eaten at lunch. Ajiwai-ya, go straight to Nakano Sun Mall arcade, to the right corner of the bakery Bonjour Bonn. Then is a tavern that appears on the left side. The store has a wide, has become to an atmosphere lighting was calm dropped. In addition, it is often also cuisine of fish.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward ,03-3319-4510

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