Store limited menu of Matsuya, Gyu-toji bowl

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Staff around, was talking about the topic of beef bowl. Therefore, beef bowl is now want to eat. We went to the Nakano Station North of Matsuya. Then, we had to appeal the unusual menu in the shop posters. Cow Flip bowl. In addition, that of the store limited. Speaking of which, Nakano shop Gyu-meshi(beef bowl) was also premium. It is a good thing.

Because it is a rare opportunity, I ordered the Gyu-toji bowl.

Store limited menu of Matsuya, Gyu-toji bowl

Spoon came with. And, it also roasted red pepper. Soup is not heard, it is sweet. And than the usual beef bowl, you have a little extra juice Do not feel. On the other hand, since the natural you, but in that solidified egg, it is a little hard to eat. Because the beef slices is also large, and extra tangled. So with a metal spoon, we promoted while eating cut.

Do not have stand out a little sweetness, in a place called, I tried to sprinkle the pepper. Spicy and put in the mouth, and finally concludes the sweetness of the egg and broth.

It was a sweet beef bowl.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-7331

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