There was an Italian restaurant Noa Dining

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In Ai Yakushi Road, I noticed in the new shop. Noa Dinig is.

Of building underground is a Hawaiian restaurant, located on the top. Taking advantage of the shop before there was product exhibition, there is a terrace seat. Now it is a little hot, but likely, feeling looks good in spring and autumn. The billboard, introduces the lunch menu. Hamburgers and pasta, there was a such as curry.

There was an Italian restaurant Noa Dining

Was examined, this shop is that of the Italian restaurant. This shop, from Nakano Station located in the street that a little walk Ai Yakushi Road.

This street, Chinese cuisine and lunch is full a butcher shop, such as Italian restaurant, there are a lot of gourmet shops.

Shop information:1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward

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