Washiya's Okowa Bento

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Lunch shop "Washiya" is on the right side of the street of the Nakano Sun mall arcade. In and eagle, I bought a lunch box.Washiya's Okowa Bento is.

When there, things Washiya went up to the topic. Thing that "some in Nakano, Okowa Bento of Washiya is a delicious and famous." I guess famous much come out in the conversation, but in fact did not have eaten. Speaking of which, it is in the showcase are on the arcade side, we certainly featuring rice with red beans. This is why, it became I wanted to eat.

Can be seen through the lid, is a very healthy looks good lunch. Earth is the color. If anything is a sober color.

Washiya's Okowa Bento

But, it can be seen if you eat, ability of Washiya. None without excess and deficiency in the exquisite seasoning, are balanced of taste and health. Rice with red beans is initially feel light soy. Gradually I feel the taste of soy sauce flavor. Or kind of glutinous rice, or the way of cooking, blending of the or texture may be, was not too soft nor too hard.

This lunch is one coin, that is cost-effective or too good in the fact that 500 yen. We had delicious.

Shop information:5-61-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-0200,10:00-22:30,Sunday-21:00

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