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Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway oyster fly

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Oyster hut in Nakano Station North had put a message to the over-the-counter.

According to the report, is that of the began to take out of the oyster fly.

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway of Kakifurai

It flies in the specialty store of oysters you can eat in handy at home take home. This oyster hut, you do not get is quite reserved not very crowded, but it is likely to be able to eat handy if the oyster fly.

Shop informaiton:5-62-10 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Station North, a new Rotary appearance

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The opposite side of the street of the Nakano Sun Plaza, steps away from JR Nakano Station Shinjuku home, there was a square.

In place soon, now you do not put a person. Then, some time, when you look at the bus was running.

Nakano Station North, a new Rotary appearance

In a location that does not appear to so broad, it seems the road was made. And, the bus and the U-turn, we will be back on the road that has been entered. Quite a course of hairpin curve.

Guard with a concrete pedestal will have partitioned the road. But, there is also a road close to the passage of people, there is also a smoking area. Seen up close the professional techniques of the bus driver, it had become the place where you can experience.

Nakano Station North, chicken food shop is open?

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The other day, when I pass through the inside of Nakano Station North of the shop, there was a place that the construction work. Ramen Kaeru and, such as Hinai house, is the way that there is a shop.

chicken food shop

On the wall, there was a stylish lettering. When I read from after taking photos, it is a variety of menu. Chicken rice and tapas, there is also the name of the drink.

As long as you see, I like the shops of chicken dishes. When the shop is completed, also come to see.

As a reference, of this shop, near the ramen shop, Kaeru's address5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Waad

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

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Is Nakano Station south exit which recently ramen shop is increased, but different types of gourmet shops had the construction. Is a kebab shop.

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

And say kebab, hung the meat close to the counter, it is a cut in the shop of style offered by many, but the pasted posters there as "kebab cafe". If the cafe style, it is unusual. The location is close to the Nakano Taishouken,Ramen Shop.

At the end of October which is scheduled to open. Much after one month. I look forward to.

In addition to the normal menu, Suzuran Nakano shop has issued a regularly limited menu, it had announced a limited menu of the weekend. Nibo curry mazesoba is. There is no other information.

Suzuran Nakano shop, there is limited menu on September 23 (Friday)

From the fact that there is a word reminiscent of anchovy, it is expected that the flavor of anchovy is strong more than usual. Because it is that Mazesoba, rather than the ramen and put noodles, it seems that it is noodles to eat entwined oil buckwheat specific sauce.

And curry flavor! Located on the same street, Nakano Taishouken also issued a put noodles of curry. The timing is the same. That match the ramen and curry, the trend of the'll do?

Nibo curry mazesoba is a menu of the day many cups limited, rather than the date is limited. That this day not only to eat, you have a sense of Premier.

Shop informaiton:3-33-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Taishouken, Foundation Memorial menu appearance

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Nakano Taishouken had put a sign in front of the store. I was guiding the menu of its founding 65 anniversary. This store is the birthplace of the shop of the Tukemen.

Limited menu is the curry ramen. It is curry Tsukesoba. We understand that there is also a cold ramen.

Nakano Taishouken, Foundation Memorial menu appearance

It Ramen is a Japanese national diet, I think that there is no objection. And, it is vice even curry rice. There is a genre of curry noodles, but that Nakano victory eaves came to challenge in the field.

Or limited time menu is a sign, I do not know whether the special menu. You need to eat as soon as possible.

Shop information:3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3384-9234

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, out of the ticket gate, bent to the right, the tavern's located on the third floor of a building that lies ahead to cross the signal,Toritetsu is doing lunch. We ate a bandit grilled meal of chicken thigh,Briefly, chicken grill.

That is remarkable to see the dishes, is vegetables that were piled To Konmori. And did I ask the ordinary, but rice is also quite a quantity. Then, the clerk told me to prepare a soy sauce as "a raw egg, please enjoy in the egg over rice." Well, it's the amount of that amount, including by.

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

Chicken is thick, it was juicy. Bandits baked is I think that it is marinated in sauce heard of garlic cooking, but relishes the flavor has become a conservative. And the taste of soy sauce, have worked a sauce that hung from the top, and continue the rice. Taste of the sauce might dark to be.

Is a bandit grilled, but clothing had become a little thick and crisp feel. There is no feeling like the fly, also different to those that are baked. It is a strange feeling.

When you eat the side dishes, tightening whats the egg over rice. Entitled egg hanging child rice comes with by default. It is a happy service.

Rice generous helping of designation and, can you instead.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Sun Mall, lanterns shine

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On this day the weather is poor, it was cloudy in the morning. It is a little dim.

Meanwhile, I walked Nakano San mall arcade. Or autumn festival is closer. Lantern is hanging in the arcade. Electricity is not attached, it was in light of the inside of an arcade in the yellowish light.

Nakano Sun Mall lanterns shine

And lanterns are hanging all the way toward the back. Hikawa Shrine, read the character of Uchikoshi, the town. In the middle of the Nakano, there was an atmosphere of autumn festival.

It appeared Bonjour Bon in Nakano Marui

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In front of the shops of Nakano Marui, there was a guide. It is the introduction of came as a new tenant shop.

According to the report, is that of the Bonjour Bonn bakery appeared on the first floor. It has already been written, but "Nakano north exit of the popular shops, join the Nakano Marui" is. The Marui, with the exception of special events, but I is not much impression that the food products they sell, it does not seem to be the case.

It appeared Bonjour Bon in Nakano Marui

Nearby JR Nakano Station south exit, there is also a Premier Saint-Germain. Nakano Station south exit direction, bread circumstances is substantial.

In the south exit of Nakano station, I saw a place that is the construction of shops. It is the place where there was a previous hamburger shop.

Entrance is open to people of the construction work has been in and out busy, flyers before that was is pasted.

To the south exit of Nakano Station, Takeya Ramen shop is soon opening

According to it, in mid-September, is Takeya,Tsukemen and Ramen shop is to open.

This shop, thing of the Higashi Kurume of matrix store. Noodle birthplace, which is opened in Nakano.

Location, one Shinjuku side of the street there is a round, will be back road. It is next to the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ parking.

Also the south exit of Nakano Station, has been ramen shop has increased lately. In such a south entrance, also a new shop appeared.

Shop information:2-30-14 Nakano Nakano Ward

This building was under construction in Nakano Broadway next door, but it is progressing steadily construction. The other, if not looked up by bending the neck, has become a place where the top is not visible.

Nakano Broadway next to the construction site, it was extended

On this day, it was falling sometimes rain. In the rain, crane elongation, it had to raise the material above.

But is the crane, comes on top of the other pillar. This height Will be full.

Since pretty building is large, was dare to shoot so that the wire enters. What sets off the enormity.

Kaeru's Ramen + seasoned soft-boiled egg

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Nakano Station North, if you want to eat a punch ramen noodles, you should go to Kaeru. I ate ramen in Kaeru. At this time, it topped the boiled egg.

In addition, there is also a free topping on Kaeru. Raw eggs (!), Vegetables, garlic, onion, butter us put free. At this time, we asked the onion and fat. In addition, noodles thickness to choose, we'd like a thick noodle.

Ramen is a three-dimensional. Below this, it is buried under thick noodles. As usual, while pushing aside the vegetables take out the noodles, I was promoted to eat. Onion topping is, there is a sweetness in a good texture. Sometimes when you feel the spicy is, soaked in advance and spiciness and is softened in soup.

Kaeru's Ramen + seasoned soft-boiled egg

Free topping those of the shops will do is also attractive, but it is also the charm of this shop be used to change the taste on their own using the built-in condiment on the table. Recommended goes in addition black pepper, a little bit red pepper, and sauce in order style. Because it was topped with fat, to ramen that is a little sweet, will add punch that was different from the soup.

Seasoned soft-boiled eggs, though steeped in taste to the white, yolk was the type you are trot. It became the accent. When the strong taste of the yolk, ramen of taste will be thick.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

The Saint-Germain, there is a curry bread of Gold Award

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, bakery Premier Saint-Germain had put a sign in the over-the-counter. Curry bread of chef, is that of the was awarded the gold medal. congratulations.

The Saint-Germain, there is a curry bread of Gold Award

The award-winning, the first Annual Meeting of the Japanese curry bread Association sponsored, curry bread Grand Prix, that of the Great East Japan fried curry department.

Shone into primary champion of the prestigious. Nakano of a bakery, you can buy it in Japan of curry bread.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3383-3251,8:30-22:00

Opened in Nakano Broadway "Gacha Gacha" specialty stores

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Nakano Broadway 2F, there was a new shop. It is Gacha Gacha shop. Speaking of, but is put a Gacha Gacha in animation shop and bookstore, I feel shop was not.

Opened in Nakano Broadway

When I went, it was pretty shop (?). Once referred to as the Mini, and the animation of the character of the figures, I thought that there are items such as Fuchiko of cup.

If you explained in words, and Fuchiko Char Aznable version of the cup, there was a futon to cover the smartphone. There is no you're kidding.

People through this project is, I think that it is worth of tough negotiator. You also better to the planning, but who give even those who give permission.

Also there is such an item, it will be to such if the specialty store.


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