Kaeru's Ramen + seasoned soft-boiled egg

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Nakano Station North, if you want to eat a punch ramen noodles, you should go to Kaeru. I ate ramen in Kaeru. At this time, it topped the boiled egg.

In addition, there is also a free topping on Kaeru. Raw eggs (!), Vegetables, garlic, onion, butter us put free. At this time, we asked the onion and fat. In addition, noodles thickness to choose, we'd like a thick noodle.

Ramen is a three-dimensional. Below this, it is buried under thick noodles. As usual, while pushing aside the vegetables take out the noodles, I was promoted to eat. Onion topping is, there is a sweetness in a good texture. Sometimes when you feel the spicy is, soaked in advance and spiciness and is softened in soup.

Kaeru's Ramen + seasoned soft-boiled egg

Free topping those of the shops will do is also attractive, but it is also the charm of this shop be used to change the taste on their own using the built-in condiment on the table. Recommended goes in addition black pepper, a little bit red pepper, and sauce in order style. Because it was topped with fat, to ramen that is a little sweet, will add punch that was different from the soup.

Seasoned soft-boiled eggs, though steeped in taste to the white, yolk was the type you are trot. It became the accent. When the strong taste of the yolk, ramen of taste will be thick.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

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