Nakano Taishouken, Foundation Memorial menu appearance

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Nakano Taishouken had put a sign in front of the store. I was guiding the menu of its founding 65 anniversary. This store is the birthplace of the shop of the Tukemen.

Limited menu is the curry ramen. It is curry Tsukesoba. We understand that there is also a cold ramen.

Nakano Taishouken, Foundation Memorial menu appearance

It Ramen is a Japanese national diet, I think that there is no objection. And, it is vice even curry rice. There is a genre of curry noodles, but that Nakano victory eaves came to challenge in the field.

Or limited time menu is a sign, I do not know whether the special menu. You need to eat as soon as possible.

Shop information:3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3384-9234

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