Opened in Nakano Broadway "Gacha Gacha" specialty stores

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Nakano Broadway 2F, there was a new shop. It is Gacha Gacha shop. Speaking of, but is put a Gacha Gacha in animation shop and bookstore, I feel shop was not.

Opened in Nakano Broadway

When I went, it was pretty shop (?). Once referred to as the Mini, and the animation of the character of the figures, I thought that there are items such as Fuchiko of cup.

If you explained in words, and Fuchiko Char Aznable version of the cup, there was a futon to cover the smartphone. There is no you're kidding.

People through this project is, I think that it is worth of tough negotiator. You also better to the planning, but who give even those who give permission.

Also there is such an item, it will be to such if the specialty store.

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