Suzuran Nakano shop, there is limited menu on September 23 (Friday)

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In addition to the normal menu, Suzuran Nakano shop has issued a regularly limited menu, it had announced a limited menu of the weekend. Nibo curry mazesoba is. There is no other information.

Suzuran Nakano shop, there is limited menu on September 23 (Friday)

From the fact that there is a word reminiscent of anchovy, it is expected that the flavor of anchovy is strong more than usual. Because it is that Mazesoba, rather than the ramen and put noodles, it seems that it is noodles to eat entwined oil buckwheat specific sauce.

And curry flavor! Located on the same street, Nakano Taishouken also issued a put noodles of curry. The timing is the same. That match the ramen and curry, the trend of the'll do?

Nibo curry mazesoba is a menu of the day many cups limited, rather than the date is limited. That this day not only to eat, you have a sense of Premier.

Shop informaiton:3-33-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

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