Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, out of the ticket gate, bent to the right, the tavern's located on the third floor of a building that lies ahead to cross the signal,Toritetsu is doing lunch. We ate a bandit grilled meal of chicken thigh,Briefly, chicken grill.

That is remarkable to see the dishes, is vegetables that were piled To Konmori. And did I ask the ordinary, but rice is also quite a quantity. Then, the clerk told me to prepare a soy sauce as "a raw egg, please enjoy in the egg over rice." Well, it's the amount of that amount, including by.

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

Chicken is thick, it was juicy. Bandits baked is I think that it is marinated in sauce heard of garlic cooking, but relishes the flavor has become a conservative. And the taste of soy sauce, have worked a sauce that hung from the top, and continue the rice. Taste of the sauce might dark to be.

Is a bandit grilled, but clothing had become a little thick and crisp feel. There is no feeling like the fly, also different to those that are baked. It is a strange feeling.

When you eat the side dishes, tightening whats the egg over rice. Entitled egg hanging child rice comes with by default. It is a happy service.

Rice generous helping of designation and, can you instead.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

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