5Choume NIbosi is, in providing limited Mexican maze maze ramen

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5-chome Niboshi(means anchovy) is the shop that put out a ramen twist the taste of anchovy. On the other hand, produce a variety of limited menu, is also a challenging shops.

Shops are attacking such, but also seems to put out a new limited menu. In the over-the-counter, had put out a sign.

limited Mexican maze maze ramen

Its name, mix mix Mexican. Moreover, it is limited to 20 years of age or older. The reason is that, because they use tequila. Name not only is the Mexican without material also doubt you are using.

According to the sign, it provided was that of the end of October.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7422、,1:00-15:00 ,18:00-24:00

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