Also south exit of Nakano Station, Chinese Ichibankan appeared

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Where there has been a previous chain Chinese store, also it had been able to Chinese restaurant. Chinese Ichibankan is. Chinese shop, which is also in the Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, has also appeared in the south entrance.

Chinese Ichibankan

On the wall, we have to introduce a variety of menu. Orthodox ramen is not, you have news fried rice and dumplings, and bowl. The name of the shop, because there are a Chinese cafeteria, not a mistake. Than the noodles, it seems to push those rice.

And spacious store 50 seats, do not forget to inform the number of seats. Whether the shops of the policy, is propaganda flashy display.

Shop information:2-25-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:00-24:00

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