Near Nakano Broadway, cat cafe specific shops

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Near Nakano Broadway, on the sidewalk of Nakano street, signboard had come out. That is like a cat cafe. The legendary Star bowl of shops(Densetsu no Sutadon Ya) of building, seems to be on top.

If you look, it was different from the cat cafe. In order to eliminate the cat that can not be fulfilled lives, it seems to be the place you are looking for foster parents of protected cat. It seems to be a mechanism for the support of the cat.

Near Nakano Broadway, cat cafe specific shops

It was the shop that protection cat cafe NECO REPUBLIC. By the apple dukedom, apparently here it seems to come apples Duke. Or more of the photos will this is so.

Shop information:3F 5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7166、Website of Neco Republic

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