Roast beef bowl of guts Grill Nakano shop

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Nakano Station south exit, line the side of the guts grill was doing lunch. This shop, previously I think it was named guts Seoul, but that of the opened in July of this year were examined on the Internet.

guts Grill Nakano shop

It is its guts grill, but in the top of the menu, the recent epidemic, there is a roast beef bowl. So, we decided to try asking. On the back of the number of sheets superimposed menu, way of eating roast beef bowl is was written casually.

In line with it, and to be asked. It should be noted, not in the image, but other roast beef bowl and the soup, there is also a salad.


Honestly, how the first impression is a little smallish? Was that. However, when the start eating the impression changes. First roast beef is just good thickness to your bowl, soft enough to cut even with chopsticks. The meat taste of is packed tightly in the beef taste has condensed.

This, yolk of pickled egg, mayonnaise has been served, and I go to eat while wearing a taste of taste in garlic butter. None of the center is strictly meat taste. And so that along with the taste, you can enjoy a different taste. Volume roast beef, the two some places, has become the 3-ply. As you eat, it was initially also be a sufficient size that felt smallish.

Soup of sweet chicken soup that was easily in the chicken plain hot water self-service. It will be a good mouth freshener.

Yolk and pickled egg, etc. Serve with garlic butter in another small dish, was roast beef bowl feel the shops of ideas.

Shop information:2F-3-36-10Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3380-5152,11:00-15:00(L.O. 14:30),17:00-23:00(L.O.23:00)

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