Steak-tei Nakano shop, a lunch-time to non smoking

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Nakano ramen Street, steak or hamburger, there are easy-to-eat shop. Steak-tei Nakano shop. In front of the bench of the shop, Tomorrow's Joe is sitting What is mark. Sometimes do not know people, I surprised to step into one step foot in the store.

This shop, tobacco was laid. Recently tobacco has been increased shops not laid. Shop where tobacco is breathe is the valuable. People who want to smoke have finished your meal, is a translation of the lunch of choice looking for such limited shops. Some around, there are such people.

Steak-tei Nakano shop, a lunch-time to non smoking

However, I was aware of the announcement in at this time. It became a non smoking, was the announcement that.

In order to tobacco breathe, among the shops list to eat lunch, who wore a priority to the steak-tei Nakano store, you must be careful cost.

Shop informaiton:5-54-5 Nakano Nakano ward,03-3388-8812,Lunch11:30-15:30,Dinner17:30-24:00,Open everyday

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