The Manchu dumplings, there is a service Day

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Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, there are dumplings of Manchu. It will be impressive, but the image of Saitama Prefecture shop. I feel there is no possible to see so much in Tokyo. In the JR Chuo Line, or it would not be unusual in.

On one occasion, Manchu of the dumplings, had set up a climbing to over-the-counter. Raw dumplings sale day, thing that.

The Manchu dumplings, there is a service Day

In the dumplings of Manchu, you can buy a takeaway dumplings. Company tagline is "30% good!" So it is generous with deals on the good.

Was examined on the Internet, this sale date It seems different to your Misegoto. Nakano south exit shop was the Mondays and Thursdays. The it is there two days a week.

Shop information:2-29-6 Nakano nakano Ward,03-6304-8260,11:00 - 21:50

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