Lotteria of Nakano Sunmall is in renewal preparation

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In the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, fast food shop Lotteria had down the shutter. Is that of the December 13, reopened. So we have a renovations.

Speaking of which, might be unusual shutter of Lotteria is closed. From breakfast time until late at night, there is the impression you're doing at any time.

Lotteria of Nakano Sunmall is in renewal preparation

Shutter is closed, has been removed also shop sign that had been shining on it. Light becomes bare, have fallen socket of a fluorescent lamp, it is feeling a little lonely.

Nakano is ramen famous city, but in fact I think that there are a variety of shops hamburger. It is a chain store, but there is Lotteria is rare. The other, there was also Freshness Burger and Mos Burger.

Opening of new Lotteria I look forward to.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

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