At the north entrance of Nakano station, preparing to open ramen Ichiran

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A new ramen shop was in the opening of the opening at JR Nakano Station North Exit. It is ramen Ichiran Nakano store.

There was already an entrance in front of the shop. You can do it in the basement of the building. Open date was also being announced. Ichiran Nakano store is open on Thursday, November 17th at 10 am.

preparing to open ramen Ichiran

The place is opposite the other side of the street of Nakano Sansuraza. It is the basement of the building. It is a big building that contains Italian restaurants, Big Echo of Karaoke, Matsumotokiyoshi etc.

Ramen Ichiran is a shop where there is a partition in the counter, each one can be eaten individually in private. Also, the ordering method is unique. Once opened, I'd like to experience it soon.

Shop information:B1-5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-4077,10:00-23:00,Open everyday

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