Saikoro, seasonal ramen, scent of autumn sweet fish

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A ramen shop in south exit of Nakano station, the dice was displaying a sign at the storefront. With that signboard, we introduce seasonal limited menus.

Its name is also Chinese soba which is fragrant. In the menu name, it explains what kind of ramen.


It is said that they use squid by adding autumn sweet fish and boiled fish and also use autumn sweet fish oil. It seems that soup is served with water. I have heard of it in coffee, but it seems tough to have water with ramen soup.

Seasonal, and with only 20 meals at night, maybe you can not have the opportunity to eat easily, but I'd like to look forward to it. Although there are also a few number offered, it seems like a limitation if you see the explanation of the menu.

Shop informaiton:2-28-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-6304-8902,11:00-23:00,Open everyday

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