Hot potted noodles @ Koinobori Ramen Shop

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I went to Koinobori confirmed that I opened a new Nakano the other day. Since it is the first visit, I ordered a hot potted noodle which seems to be a signboard menu of a shop first.

In addition, this shop has a ticket machine immediately after entering the entrance, it is a system to buy tickets. Spicy was divided into 10 stages. After having troubled quite a bit, I decided to challenge half of 5 hot spirits.

After waiting for a while, firstly a soup stock and sesame were served. Follow the instructions of the clerk, wait for the noodles while rubbing.

The characteristic of this potted noodle is a cold point. Noodles and mushrooms are also cold. And there are many appliances. Even bigger. Cabbage, and even tofu. The tool is too unique. We do not ask for increment of ingredients. Standard, this volume.

Hot potted noodles @ Koinobori Ramen Shop

The taste, of course, is painful and has umami. Even in the supernatant part of the fresh juice, there is considerable spicy, but if you add sesame and stir noodles, you will get more spicy. The taste of dashi first, the spicy is chasing right away. I can not taste the balance of this spicy in others. Both juice and noodles, both cold, still feel quite spicy, so it seems that considerable ingenuity has been done.

Since the ingredients are big, we gave up basically to eat with noodles except for bean sprouts, and also at this time to eat as it is to reset the taste sometimes to morning soup.

I already understand from this shop, shop front, but anyway, I am featured of Hiroshima Toyo Carp. The level of spicyness (probably) has become the name of a player of the past Hiroshima baton. In the store display, too, when I thought that there was a television, the program that is flowing there, the clerk's uniform, was Hiroshima Carp anyway.

When I call it hot ramen that can be eaten in Nakano, there is an explosion of Miso Ichi etc. However, it was a straight-line shop that is more straight and to win with hot spicy peppers.

Shop information:5-60-14 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-9808,11:00-15:00,17:00-23:00,Cloed Tuseday

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