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At Nakano Ramen Street, Vietnamese restaurant

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Construction was done at a place of Nakano Ramen Street. It is renewal of building sign.

As you can see the image, the place was a building of "Sutei-kitei". There is a new signboard on the second floor. The name of the shop is also stuck at the entrance of the stairs. Vietnamese restaurant, Mot hai ba.

At Nakano Ramen Street, Vietnamese restaurant

The number of shops that can eat Asian cuisine, such as curry and four, has increased. Choosing a shop at lunch is going to be fun again.

I do not know when and what kinds of dishes can be eaten, but I would like to wait for opening.

I ate lunch at "Ikinari (meaning,Suddenly) Steak" at Nakano Ramen Street. It is wild steak 300 g.

Ikinari steak at lunch time, you can order a steak by choosing the number of grams. Three kinds of on the menu are 200 g, 300 g, and 450 g. Today, I chose the middle. Rice, soup and salad are included.

Rude way of saying, suddenly recently! The steak is crowded. There are people who line outside the shop. Also, even if you place an order, you may wait for a while. If you think about cost performance, that would be it. At this time, while waiting for a salad, waiting for about 10 minutes, steak came out.

Ikinari(Suddenly)! Steak Nakano store wild steak 300 g

Since I gathered information this time, I acted immediately. While the steel plate is hot, cut it to the size of your choice. And, as the six sides are in contact with the steel plate, we will put the fire while rolling over and over. And from where I thought the fire had gone, I brought it while applying sauce and pepper.

I will cheek the wild steak on the side dish. 100 g different, the amount of meat is different. Rice goes forward, but feeling that meat is surplus. It was luxurious.

Shop information:5-55-13 Nakano Nakano Ward

The site of Kamuikotan, under construction

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Construction was taking place at the site of the Genghis Khan store at the north entrance of Nakano station, Kamuikotan which was closed.

The site of Kamuikotan, under construction

It was a fairly compact store, but how is the new shop going? I am worried about it being a big help. I think that there is nothing to rebuild the shop.

Place designs, restaurants and drinking houses, yakitori shops and so on? I would appreciate it if I can have lunch. For a while, I would like to care if I go nearby.

Menya Kaizin is in store limited service

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Notifications stuck on the shop front of the noodle shop Kaizin. Notice concerning the store-only service was affixed.

Nakano shop and Kichijoji shop limited, Hamaguri Ramen and Asari Ramen will be discount ... I think that. It is said that there is an old menu on the poster. And the price. There is no other information. If you make a reasoning, it is a special price.


Notifications stuck on the shop front of the noodle shop Goddess. Noticing about store-only service When I saw a picture of a menu, I also saw a photo of Ramen. It is a luxury ramen with lots of big shellfish.

Again, it does not understand other things, such as when there is little information on the paper, how long it is. I would like to make opportunities as soon as possible.

Shop information:5-54-4 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Broadway's big carp streamer

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April is an important month. Every month is irreplaceable on any day, but in Japan, April has special meaning. First, cherry blossoms will bloom. It is about one week that the cherry blossoms can be seen within a year. I am looking forward every year. And the new year begins. Many children are in the season to start a new school life.

And, when the season ends, it will be a period of fresh green. There is a child's day in May. I wish for children's growth, raising carp streamers.

Nakano Broadway's big carp streamer

That carp streamer appeared in Nakano Broadway. If you look closely, the ceiling of Nakano Broadway is blue sky. Inside the building, a big carp streamer is swimming under the blue sky.

Nakano Broadway unique, I tried it from the second floor. I could see the carp streamer nearby.

To Arai Yakushi, a new ramen shop, Kunie

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I saw a new ramen shop while on the move. Brand new goodwill was hanging, and there were garlands on the side. It seemed like opening a new store. That shop is noodle shop Kunie.

a new ramen shop, Kunie

The place will be between the Aiba Yakushi Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, when walking towards Yakushi Ai Road. It takes quite a walk from JR Nakano station, so it will be a difficult place to go.

What kind of taste is it, what kind of noodles is it like? And how do you read the name of the shop? Everything is a mystery. I will gather information and I would like to go there if I have the opportunity.

Shop informaiton:5-9-8 Arai Nakano Ward

Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

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Yakiniku restaurant of Nakano Ramen Street, I had lunch at Dharma. It's Harame lunch. At Nakano station north entrance, there are several shops where you can thank us for "grilled meat for lunch". Every shop is unavailable, so this shop is also a choice of yakiniku restaurant. Because there is also sundubu, I came when it was cold.

Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

A lot of small bowls will come out, let us introduce your meat this time. You can see the harami with greasy grease. It is a soft meat with a combination of lean taste and fat taste. Bake careful not to burn, I will get it. While waiting for burning, vegetables are supplied in a small bowl.

It is a barbecue lunch, but a lot of vegetables such as salads, namul, kimchi, etc. will come out. It was a lunch where plenty of meat and vegetables were eaten.

Shop informaiton:5-57-5 Nakano Nakano Ward.03-3388-1868、Lunch AM11:30-PM3:00

Cherry blossoms on Nakano Street on April 7, 2017

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The cherry tree in 2017 is finally at its best. It is a cherry tree of Nakano street of Nakano street cherry blossoms on April 7, 2017.

Cherry blossoms are beautiful on the street in front of Nakano Sekuraza, but the recommendation is a little more northward. Beyond the intersection with the freshness burger and the men's clothing shop, you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom on both sides of the road.

Cherry blossoms on Nakano Street on April 7, 2017

When crossing the signal, when you stop attracting other pedestrians and cars and stopping for a few seconds, you can stand in the middle of cherry blossoms.

To enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom means to start to scatter soon. This weekend is a best time to visit and it seems to be the last opportunity for cherry blossom viewing this year.

There was a poster on the wall of Mita Seimenjyo. It was a guide about Mazesoba.

According to it, it is said that the cold mother is offered from 1:00 pm.

Mazeoba of Mita Seimenjyo provided from the afternoon

There is an impression that soba and garlic are effective, soba and soba are standing on the spirit and spicy. Considering the work from the afternoon, I do not have the courage to eat easily, but at the same time it is even more difficult to start offering after lunch time.

Although it is a menu that informs me of purposely by the poster, if it examines it on the internet, there is information that it is limited for a limited time, and it is not clear. Regular menu spreads the opportunity to eat.

Shop information:4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday


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