Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

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Yakiniku restaurant of Nakano Ramen Street, I had lunch at Dharma. It's Harame lunch. At Nakano station north entrance, there are several shops where you can thank us for "grilled meat for lunch". Every shop is unavailable, so this shop is also a choice of yakiniku restaurant. Because there is also sundubu, I came when it was cold.

Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

A lot of small bowls will come out, let us introduce your meat this time. You can see the harami with greasy grease. It is a soft meat with a combination of lean taste and fat taste. Bake careful not to burn, I will get it. While waiting for burning, vegetables are supplied in a small bowl.

It is a barbecue lunch, but a lot of vegetables such as salads, namul, kimchi, etc. will come out. It was a lunch where plenty of meat and vegetables were eaten.

Shop informaiton:5-57-5 Nakano Nakano Ward.03-3388-1868、Lunch AM11:30-PM3:00

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