Ikinari(Suddenly)! Steak Nakano store wild steak 300 g

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I ate lunch at "Ikinari (meaning,Suddenly) Steak" at Nakano Ramen Street. It is wild steak 300 g.

Ikinari steak at lunch time, you can order a steak by choosing the number of grams. Three kinds of on the menu are 200 g, 300 g, and 450 g. Today, I chose the middle. Rice, soup and salad are included.

Rude way of saying, suddenly recently! The steak is crowded. There are people who line outside the shop. Also, even if you place an order, you may wait for a while. If you think about cost performance, that would be it. At this time, while waiting for a salad, waiting for about 10 minutes, steak came out.

Ikinari(Suddenly)! Steak Nakano store wild steak 300 g

Since I gathered information this time, I acted immediately. While the steel plate is hot, cut it to the size of your choice. And, as the six sides are in contact with the steel plate, we will put the fire while rolling over and over. And from where I thought the fire had gone, I brought it while applying sauce and pepper.

I will cheek the wild steak on the side dish. 100 g different, the amount of meat is different. Rice goes forward, but feeling that meat is surplus. It was luxurious.

Shop information:5-55-13 Nakano Nakano Ward

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