Mazeoba of Mita Seimenjyo provided from the afternoon

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There was a poster on the wall of Mita Seimenjyo. It was a guide about Mazesoba.

According to it, it is said that the cold mother is offered from 1:00 pm.

Mazeoba of Mita Seimenjyo provided from the afternoon

There is an impression that soba and garlic are effective, soba and soba are standing on the spirit and spicy. Considering the work from the afternoon, I do not have the courage to eat easily, but at the same time it is even more difficult to start offering after lunch time.

Although it is a menu that informs me of purposely by the poster, if it examines it on the internet, there is information that it is limited for a limited time, and it is not clear. Regular menu spreads the opportunity to eat.

Shop information:4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday

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