Menya Kaizin is in store limited service

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Notifications stuck on the shop front of the noodle shop Kaizin. Notice concerning the store-only service was affixed.

Nakano shop and Kichijoji shop limited, Hamaguri Ramen and Asari Ramen will be discount ... I think that. It is said that there is an old menu on the poster. And the price. There is no other information. If you make a reasoning, it is a special price.


Notifications stuck on the shop front of the noodle shop Goddess. Noticing about store-only service When I saw a picture of a menu, I also saw a photo of Ramen. It is a luxury ramen with lots of big shellfish.

Again, it does not understand other things, such as when there is little information on the paper, how long it is. I would like to make opportunities as soon as possible.

Shop information:5-54-4 Nakano Nakano Ward

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