To Arai Yakushi, a new ramen shop, Kunie

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I saw a new ramen shop while on the move. Brand new goodwill was hanging, and there were garlands on the side. It seemed like opening a new store. That shop is noodle shop Kunie.

a new ramen shop, Kunie

The place will be between the Aiba Yakushi Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, when walking towards Yakushi Ai Road. It takes quite a walk from JR Nakano station, so it will be a difficult place to go.

What kind of taste is it, what kind of noodles is it like? And how do you read the name of the shop? Everything is a mystery. I will gather information and I would like to go there if I have the opportunity.

Shop informaiton:5-9-8 Arai Nakano Ward

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