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When I was walking around the Showa Shinmichi street in Nakano Kitaguchi, I saw an Izakaya that is open for lunch. It is a shop called Yoshiha leaves.

What do you call, the shop's stance is a pub. Even if it is lunch, if you can see someone in it, it seems to be misunderstood. No doubt, it is an Izakaya(Japanese Pab).


The details to worry about was written in the side sign. Beef Tankaree, Japanese style seafood bowl, and silver salmon burning advice. The shop declares that it is a Japanese style lunch. In such a situation, I feel ingenuity in the place where beef tancale is located.

I'm thankful that the choices for lunch will increase. This street is a street of Nakano Ramen Street, one street on the Shinjuku side.

Shpo information:5-47-3 Nakano Nakano ward

Oomori-ken's Dumpling and noodle

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I ate it at the Oomori ken(restaurant) in Higashi Nakano. It is dumpling noodles. Speaking of Oomori ken, the famous menu is iron plate noodles. However, I dare chose a different menu. Then, there was a dumpling. I did not expect to eat dumplings at oomori ken, I ordered.

I was prepared, but after all I have a volume. It is a feeling I went when ramen comes with dumpling rice.

Ramen was normal in a nice sense. Because brine is feeling a little strong, it is moderately dusty and it is crimped, the texture gets munching. Soup is orthodox. Both noodles and soup are like so-called nostalgic Chinese noodles.

Oomori-ken's Dumpling and noodle

Dumplings are also delicious. Although the skin is thin, there is a moderate texture. Anne is the main meat of red meat and has a crisp aftertaste. The feeling that the texture of the meat and the taste of the lean are approaching roughly rather than the fact that the fat gets dyed. If you put plenty of sauce, it turns into a strong taste. Gyoza matches as a meal for rice.

Approach will change depending on how to do sauce of dumplings. Do you eat it with ramen easily? Do you enjoy delicious ramen with dumplings rice. It can be enjoyed freely.

Shop information:1-51-1 Higashi nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3371-5743,11:00-22:00,Open everyday

Oil soba specialty store in Higashi Nakano?

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When I was walking in Higashi Nakano there were unfamiliar shops. It is a shop that raises an emblem called Oil soba. It looks like a newly built shop, both outside and inside the shop was beautiful.

When I checked the signboard, the menu was oil soba and two pieces of soybean paste. After all, it looks like a sign shop, a specialty store of oil soba.


I did not go this time, but I'd like to try it out.

The location is as it crossed the intersection, descending from the West exit of JR Higashi Nakano station. Kitchen Donald and the Chinese restaurant are at the 10th street.

Shop information:3-8-5 higashi nakano nakano ward


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