Izakaya at the north entrance of Nakano station, Yoshiha is open for lunch

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When I was walking around the Showa Shinmichi street in Nakano Kitaguchi, I saw an Izakaya that is open for lunch. It is a shop called Yoshiha leaves.

What do you call, the shop's stance is a pub. Even if it is lunch, if you can see someone in it, it seems to be misunderstood. No doubt, it is an Izakaya(Japanese Pab).


The details to worry about was written in the side sign. Beef Tankaree, Japanese style seafood bowl, and silver salmon burning advice. The shop declares that it is a Japanese style lunch. In such a situation, I feel ingenuity in the place where beef tancale is located.

I'm thankful that the choices for lunch will increase. This street is a street of Nakano Ramen Street, one street on the Shinjuku side.

Shpo information:5-47-3 Nakano Nakano ward

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