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Noodle baku, seaweed ramen (thin noodles)

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The number of seaweed is many!

I went to a noodle shop located in the North Exit of JR Higashi Nakano Station. It is a "Iekei"ramen store. I ordered the seaweed ramen.

Noodle baku

Because it was to choose the thickness of noodles, I tried to make thin noodles. I can choose the taste intensity, the amount of grease, the hardness of noodles, but I decided to eat the most common thing that the clerk says that he did not listen.

This shop comes with rice for free. The cucumber pickles were placed on the table, and there was an explanation about the soup of particular attention, and the thought of the shop wanting to eat rice with ramen (and soup) has been transmitted, but this time I was sorry .

In a good sense, it was a mild ramen for "Iekei". Because it was fine noodles, I did not change the taste, orthodox. The fragrance comes out a little flavor of tangerine, the taste comes out with a flavor of sauce. It is easy to eat.

Noodle baku, seaweed ramen (thin noodles)

And the number of seaweed made topping was unexpected. I think that it was seven. As I soaked the noodles while soaked in the soup, I felt the taste of soup more strongly.

Frankly, I imagine so-called family lineage ramen, I think it feels thin. However, it can be said that it is easy to eat while tasting the taste of the "Iekei".

In order to investigate the potential of this ramen, I will try changing the taste next time.

Shop info:4-4-3 Higashi Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3366-2310,11:00-2:00,Open everyday

Orient spaghetti is closed on weekdays Mondays

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A pasta shop in Yakushiro Ai Road, I went to eat lunch for Orient spaghetti.

From the north entrance of Nakano station, it will be about a distance to go out. Still it is a shop that you can eat delicious pasta worth extending your legs.

went. There is no electricity, no signboards are out. It was closed.

Orient spaghetti is closed on weekdays Mondays

According to store notice, it seems that Monday of weekdays has become a regular holiday. There is "for a while", so it seems like a temporary holiday.

For the time being, Orient spaghetti is closed on weekday Monday. I will remember.

Shop info1-23-22 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1445,11:30-23:00,Closed Every Monday

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