Haruya Shoten Receives Messages to Mr. Ryota Yamazato

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Haruya Shoten, 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway, was recruiting messages. It is a message to Mr. Yamazato Ryota ,Nankai Candies of comedian entertainers. It is a picture with yourself.

It was a project I was doing for a manga artist before.

Haruya Shoten Receives Messages to Mr. Ryota Yamazato

Reception is until 9/17. Messages were to be delivered to the author through Asahi Shimbun Publishing. It

As the 23rd of every month is "Fumi no hi",letter day, you are doing these kinds of projects.

Shop info:東京都中野区中野3rd Nakano Boradway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,AM10:00-PM8:30

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