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Construction was done in the building next to Bonjour Bonn around the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade. As I went today, the cover was removed and the whole picture of the shop was revealed.

It seems that you can do sushi shop which eats while standing.

Sushi restaurant eating standing

Although the coloring of the shop's appearance is simple, it feels flashy. I make use of the color of the tree, but there are times when it looks like gold depending on the way the light hits.

It is not only sushi but also you can have bowls etc.

I watched the Ramen Matsuyoshi store at Nakano Dori

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When I was walking down Nakano Dori there were unfamiliar shops. I just walked straight north from JR Nakano Station and went further north to the intersection with freshness burger. The noodle shop is the other side of the street.

I watched the Ramen Matsuyoshi store

I took only the pictures and I saw later, but unfortunately I do not know anything other than the name like Matskichi. What kind of ramen can be eaten, what soup is, there was no information.

When I looked it up on the net, ... information on standing eating soba sauce came out. It is the same name. However, there are ramen firmly in the photograph. Mystery is.

I would like to find opportunities to go.

Shop info:2-7-12 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward

Chinese Musical Instrument Store in Nakano Sun Mall

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I saw an unfamiliar sign at the top of the Nakano Sun Mall Arcade. It is on the tobacco shop. On the design of woodgraining, you can see characters like written in ink. It is an oriental feeling.


The shop is a Chinese musical instrument store and selling Chinese arts. On the right side of the signboard, I am featuring Erhu. From sales to classroom, from repair to business trip.

Because I have purposely wrote ruby in English, are you targeting multinational customers? Nakano seems like, I got a niche shop.

There was a new announcement at the store about the koara's March Yaki, which can only be purchased at Lotteria of Nakano Sun Mall. It is a guide of the limited-time taste in fall of 2018.

By the way, the limited taste of autumn of last year was Hokkaido pumpkin taste.

Koara 's March Yaki, in 2018, what is the period' s limited flavor in autumn?

This year, it is a caramel flavor.

Recently the queue has settled down, so I can buy it soon. I think I will find opportunities and buy it.

Shop info:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,AM7:00-PM10:00

Landscape of lanterns of Nakano Sun Mall

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It seems there is a festival at Hikawa Shrine. Nakano Sun Mall There are many funny posters written by the child on the pillar of the arcade.

And it is a lantern even if you say anything. It is attached to the ceiling of a long arcade all the time.

Landscape of lanterns of Nakano Sun Mall

When the surroundings become dark and the lantern comes with the light, it becomes a completely different atmosphere from the usual sun mall. I think the lights of the shops and the lighting of the arcade are also usual, but the light of the lantern is peculiar even in such circumstances.

From the direction of the ticket gate of JR Nakano station, you can see the sight that lanterns are lined up to the back.

I was looking for places where I could eat seafood rice bowl easily at lunch after Iso Maru Fishery was in another shop, which was in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade. There was an alternative shop. It is Mekiki-no-Ginji. It is a 24-hour izakaya located in a narrow street with a Kozie corner.

In the menu, I ate a Tuna Tataki & Tuna rice-bowl that I was pushing as profitable during the service time.

Mekiki-no-Ginji Japanese Pub's Tuna Tataki & Tuna rice-bowl

According to the menu name, there are Tataki and sashimi on it. I think that there is a preference for ingredients in the ingredients, but it is a combination of condiments and seasoning, spreading laver and feeling time and trouble. I did not notice it in the menu, but miso soup also came.

I think that this is where you like, but you can not see rice as you see in the image. The amount of tuna is large in proportion to rice. I do not know if this shop's standard is this, but if you want to eat a little rice a little, but you want to eat fish, it is just right.

It was a bowl of tuna which was eaten a lot.

Shop info:5-59-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5343-5788,Open24H

Shop inverse appears in Nakano Sun Mall

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Construction was being carried out just in the place of Nakano Sun Mall academy connected as if it is directly connected to the ticket gate at JR Nakano station north entrance. It is preparing to open a shop.

Shop inverse appears in Nakano Sun Mall

The place where Yamada Denki was before was replaced by shop inverse. There are some stores in Akihabara, it is a used PC etc shop. The shop in Akihabara, the product selection is somewhat distinctive, I think that I am choosing a customer base somewhat if I say it frankly.

It is the gateway to Nakano, appearing at the very edge of Nakano Sun Mall Academy.

The opening sale is from 7th (Friday) and it will be opening soon soon.

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