Bar Zingaro at Nakano Broadway is temporarily closed

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Bar Zingaro on the 2nd floor of Nakano Broadway was closed. A white shutter is coming down. It was the first time to see this shutter as it was always open when you go through.

Bar Zingaro

Although saying a bar, as a body going through during the day, it feels like a cafe. It smells tasty coffee and smells of hamburgers.

Truly Zingaro, the reason for temporary closure, its explanation is also fancy. It is said that it will be closed to participate in the competition held in Los Angeles. The guide is in three languages.

Temporary closure is from October 31 (Wednesday) until November 6 (Tue). About a week, I will take a day off.

Shop info:2F-5-52-15 Nakano Ward Tokyo,,03-5942-8382,AM11:00-PM9:00,Fri, Sat, Holiday, Holiday before AM11: 00-PM11: 00, no break

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