Crispy cream donut opened in Nakano Marui

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Recently, a variety of food shops are open on the first floor, Nakano Marui. Today, a new shop opened. It is Krispy ? cream ? donut.

From the appearance of Nakano Marui 1st floor, we were able to confirm the logo.

Crispy cream  donut

As soon as you enter inside, the clerk recommends tasting the recommended donuts. And in addition to the seasonal donuts that imaged Christmas in the window, the donuts of the regular menu were also lined up.

When asked to the clerk who recommended the tasting, it is said that Nantes is open today. It was auspicious, I was able to buy a donut on the first day.

A famous donut shop opens in Nakano.

Shop info:34-28 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-6454-1120,10:00-20:00

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