Nakano Broadway's re-sizing specialty store closed at the end of this month

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There are shops that people can know on the first floor of Nakano Broadway. It is Asano clothing shop. Nakano Broadway actually has two streets. It is a shop in the street in the back.

Actually this shop is a definite store with a lot of rumors that celebrities are asking for jeans' hemming, or a certain entertainer is asking for costumes to repair.

Notice stuck on the shutter of the shop. It is said that we will close at the end of this month.


It is said that they have been shops for 30 years. Actually, personally, I brought in to ask for repair. As for the surrounding information, recently it was not possible to see the husband's appearance, and two women and two others were cut off.

As a single customer, I can not think of a good word at such a time. Thanks for your hard work. Good morning. Thank you very much. None are different. Personal feelings are lonesome.

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