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Rakishan on Nakano Broadway 2nd floor has an event that is greatly informed at the shop front. The 9th Gundam Contest, is underway.


For details, it is a year and a 1/100 scale king decision game 3. The application period has already ended, and now it is the voting period. It is until January 11 (Friday). A system that sticks a seal placed at the shop next to each work. Therefore, it is clear at a glance which number of votes the number of votes is.


Do you believe in your own sensibility? Do you refer to many opinions? I will try it.

As the ninth time this shop, this shop regularly participates in a customer participation type contest. I feel the proximity of the distance.

Shop info:東京都中野区中野2F-5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5913-4603,AM11:00-PM8:00

Charcoal grilled meat Horuichi is preparing to open

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At Nakano 5-chome, a new shop was preparing to open the store. The name of the shop is already written on the exterior. It is a charcoal grilling barbecue tavern HORIICHI. It is a roasted meat shop.

The shop is on the street which entered between the suit select and the Excelsior Cafe from the Nakano Sunmall arcade. There is a ramen shop such as a frog. There used to be another shop before, but it seems to be changing.


I got through in the daytime. I did not feel that construction etc. was progressing.

There is no other guide such as opening date. Would you like to open lunch? Although it seems that you can eat hormones from the name, I would like to care.

Shop info:5-56-11 Nakano Nakano Ward

Outside of Saika, guidance on Miso Maze Soba

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There was a signboard at the storefront of ramen shops, Saika,located in Nakano Ramen Street. Miso is soba miso.


Saika is characterized by a delicious soup with fish flavor. Ramen and tsukemen are tasty shops. I am selling soba noodles. In addition, it is a shop that also features ramen with spicy features.

However, I did not know Mazesoba. It's not Abura(oil) Soba but a dare mermaid menu. Moreover, it is said to be miso flavor.

I'd like to try and find opportunities.

Shop info:5-55-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,AM11:30-PM2:30,PM8:00-11:00,Closed Monday

Many people, would have become the purpose of visiting the Nakano Broadway, Mandarake. It is a shop where not only manga but also various items such as toys and maniacs are available.


As it is said, it is said that it is naturally said that the year-end and New Year holidays will be open seven days a week. I was informing you in the pop in front of the shop.

The pop next to it is also an issue.

Address:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward


I ate a limited-time menu at Nakano shop in Legendary Sonata Donburi shop set with a large bowl of Nakano-dori. It is a squalid mammoth meat bowl with a catchphrase "Ultimate Yakiniku Bowl". I feel a sense where the tatami, is written in Hiragana.


This stamina mammoth rice bowl, the price is also quite good, it is usually 980 yen. Three rice bowls of bowls of beef, pork ribs and beef hormones are on board. I hesitated a little in the picture of the menu and asked for a mini.


... When the dishes came, I really realized that it was a mini. Size feeling is difficult. However, the more you start eating, the more you feel the stamina. It is strange that each meat has different texture and amount of fat. Beef is red in many, fat is also slightly less.

Hormones are fluffy texture, again different from the other two. Because each taste is different, there is a presence even though it is rich in flavor. Hormone, it was unexpected. And the volume is enough. It is necessary to eat meat in advance by all means on the serve, and it is difficult to balance with rice, but I will eat it without worrying about it.


It is necessary to eat meat in advance by all means on the serve, and it is difficult to balance with rice, but I will eat it without worrying about it. When the dishes are flattened to a certain extent, melt and add eggs that come with standards. You can arrange for Sukiyaki style. Mayonnaise was included, but personally it might have liked butter.

However, the meat of plenty, enough to enjoy it.

Shop info
Address: 5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward
TEL 03-5942-8659
Open AM11:00-AM3:00

Yousuke, The Ramen Shop, start business on Wednesday

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Yousuke, The Ramen Shop, started business with two shops becoming one. A lot of pops are lining up in the shop. It is unique only at popular shops.

And, a conspicuous pop was attached to the place of the ticket vending machine.

Yousuke, The Ramen Shop

According to it, from December 5th, it is said that we started business on Wednesday. Up until now, the regular holiday was Wednesday, but it has gone. On Wednesday it is said that we will open it from AM11: 30 to PM5: 00. There is no break, and instead there is no business at night.

Although it is a popular shop, it is nice to be free. On the other hand there is convenience for the store. It would be appreciated if the shop assisted us conveniently.

Ramen Shop Yousuke
Add:5-57-2 Nakano Nakano Ward
Open Monday,Tues,Thursday AM11:30-PM4:00、PM6:00-AM1:00
Wednesday AM11:30-PM5:00
AM11:30-PM4:00、Friday,Saturday PM6:00-AM2:00

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