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Nakano-dori cherry blossoms on March 20, 2019

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It is said that the flowering forecast of cherry blossoms in Tokyo is March 21 tomorrow. It was especially warm today, when I went out there was no need for a coat.

I saw the cherry blossoms of Nakano-dori.


I looked at the cherry blossoms near Nakano Sun Plaza, where the sun was hitting well, but there was nothing noticeable yet.


As I crossed the signal and went to the other side, the cherry blossoms with large buds were noticeable on this side. Some were clearly visible in color.

However, in general, it is not likely to bloom.

Nakano cherry blossoms are likely to be a little further ahead.

Nakano-dori cherry blossoms on March 15, 2019

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The weather here is repeating that it rains and warms. I gradually feel that spring is approaching. The flowering forecast for cherry blossoms has already been issued, and Tokyo was March 21st.

I saw the cherry blossoms of Nakano-dori.

Nakano-dori cherry blossoms on March 15, 2019

I looked roughly, but the weather was fine on this day and the sun was strong because it was lunch, I do not know well. I tried to find an easy-to-see place with the branches jumping out on the sidewalk.


The buds are slightly swollen and slightly greenish. As long as you see this, Nakano-dori cherry blossoms will take a long time.

However, if the weather continues from now on, it may begin to bloom at once. Also, the season is coming when the street top is anxious.

Ramen Kaeru's ramen, raw eggs

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I ate ramen at Kaeru,the ramen shop at JR Nakano Station North Exit. It is a valuable shop where you can eat a full of ramen Jiro-like grated in Nakano.

Ramen shop Kaeru

The toppings are also the same, including vegetables and garlic. But this time, I did not add anything to the main body of the ramen. Instead, I asked for raw egg.

In Kaeru, raw eggs are provided in separate containers. There are 2 types of noodles, thick and thin. As the clerk visits you when you hand over the meal ticket, I asked for thick noodles.

Since it always tops onions and fats, the normal state is not a long time. When I saw the ramen that came out, I felt the same strange strange feeling as usual.

Ramen Kaeru's Ramen

When I ate it, after a long time, the default frog noodles were clean. The soup does not contain fat and does not emulsify. I feel that soy sauce is working and the fat that I'm kidding is light. Instead, the thickness and crispy texture of the noodles stand out.

It may be because you are accustomed to eating, but if you don't topping it, you will easily feel it. The noodles are sticky but the soup is quick. Furthermore, water comes out of crispy sprouts and cabbage, and adds lightness.

ramen, raw eggs

Having eaten to some extent, it is finally time for raw eggs. It melts in a bowl and is served in sukiyaki style. I strongly feel the richness of the yolk. When the eggs are running low, add some black pepper. When I ate for two, I added a bit of chili pepper and changed the taste.

Easy to eat, basic Kaeru ramen is also good.

Shop info:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,AM11:00-PM3:00、PM5:30-PM9:00

Rangusam of restaurant in JR Nakano Station north exit was closed. The appearance was already demolished. I noticed it today.

Rangusam is closed

At Nakano Station North Exit, where there are a variety of dining options, it's an orthodox restaurant.

The cork stopper attached to the wall was a trademark. Even at lunch, it is a shop that offers courses such as soup, main dishes, desserts and drinks in order.

I also used it at work. Of course the beef stew is what remains in the impression at lunch. It was a dish that also served bread and rice. Now when I confess, it was a shop that sometimes used to say beer for lunch drinks.


In the poster in front of the store, it was closed on February 20. Although I did not go in front of the store, I did not notice it until now.

Whenever I see the closing notice. It's selfish, but lonely.

Shop info:5-56-15 Nakano Naknao Ward

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