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Take a walk through Nakano Broadway and you will be on the street. Walk across the end of the signal to Shinjuku, there was a subway. In the morning, for lunch, when I was hungry I raised a sandwich, but I closed it.


Another store was preparing to open the store at the site, but the opening date was decided, and a message was issued in the window. It will be open at noon on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

The new shop is "Oishi Kemuri" meaning Delicious Smoke. It will be a freshly baked and smoked shop.


As before, there are also pops that carefully explain the concept of the store. In addition, it seems to have opened Twitter.

t's a bit far from Nakano Station, but it's a fun new bakery.

Shop info:1-9-3 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo

Nakano Sunmall Arcade, Aerial Aquarium 2019

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Nakano Sunmall Arcade has become a carp aquarium. The ceiling of the arcade is surrounded by a streamer and carp streamers.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

To be precise, it is an event named Nakano Sanmall Air Aquarium Carp Nobori Art Exhibition 2019.

Nakano Sunmall is the main street of Nakano that most people will see if you use the north exit ticket at Nakano Station. We have an event that makes use of its presence and space using an arcade. It's over, but according to the children's day, it probably has a carp streamer.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

Nakano also has the name of an elementary school written on it. There seems to be a carp streamer designed by the children.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

And if you go near the entrance of Nakano Broadway, the landscape will change again. In conjunction with Nakano Broadway's "Reiwa" tapestries and a carp streamer in commemoration of the new era.

I do not know how long this event will be, but when I pass Nakano Sanmoru, I am likely to look up at the top.

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