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The 2019 Bon holidays will also start depending on the location, and it seems to be less crowded than usual. So I thought there would be no procession.

udon, Daimon

I went to Udon and Daimon in the basement of Nakano Broadway. A delicious udon shop in Nakano Broadway. Previously it was a Chinese restaurant, but it is a famous store where you can form a line just like that.

.....It was closed. Bon holiday started by the office. Udon and Daimon seem to have been one of such places.

The schedule of Daimon in August was pasted on the shutter. According to it, next week will be closed until Friday.

2019 summer vacation schedule

After that, it is closed on Wednesday. For the time being, I will endure for a week.

Shop info:5-52-15-B1 Nakano Nakano Ward

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